Good Vibes Update for Jen Martinez-Bre: 10/18/2021 TOTAL $1405.00

The donations to help Jen Martinez-Bre will be updated here as Good Vibes come in. I expect the project to cost an estimated $6000.00. Every "Good Vibes" donation currently being sold helps Jen offset that amount. You can help by sharing with friends and reading more about the "Dream" and the concept of helping musicians pay for things they need.

I'm presenting the completed instrument to Jen in mid-January. This is such "Good Vibes"!

The Break Down:

3000.00 already invested by PIPERvibe to purchase a used Muser M55 to customize

500.00 travel expense to pick up the instrument Northern Illinois

500.00 for pedal and Mbrace upgrade

300.00 for shock-absorbing bar mounts

200.00 Gel Pad

300.00 for custom leg hardware

1200.00 Labor and designing modifications

Thank you to the following for their trust and Good Vibes Donations!

Barry K

Samson Bowman

Susan Batenhorst

Caithlin Hull

Randall Sutin

James Shipp

Russell Lane

Michael Ptacin

Tihda Vongkoth

Paul Ayick

Ivan Trevino

Brian Graiser

Christina Smith

Raychel Taylor

Blake Cramer

Jessica Collado

Anonymous Donor

Taylor Hussey

Aaron Butler

Tim Morgenthaler

Jonathan Daburka

Jeff Loewer

Mika Godbole

Kimiko Nozuka

John Mark Piper

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