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PIPERvibe Musser/Piper M58 Patent

I was awarded this patent back in 1996 for the first PIPERvibe. In the process I learned a ton about patents. I was so proud to have something so legit. This patent expired in 2016 so it is now public domain.

The story that led up to this is very interesting and I think you'll find it an impressive read with lots of twists and turns. How Musser/Ludwig treated me with nothing but great respect. Our relationship was great but I was young and inexperienced in the world. I regret ever leaving them but I had to get out there and see what else there was. As I look back, I realize that I was lucky to have been a part of their team and today I'm still honored by the memory.

Here's the patent for you nerds of "all-things-vibraphone". I'll share the production drawings in a future post.


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