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Ancient Paper

John Mark Piper

Ancient Paper

When you listen to me play, you're hearing music I've written and uniquely arranged using mallets I designed on an instrument I designed and built. My voice on the isntrument is 100 percent my sound influenced by my very unique experiences and the music of the Beatles, Gary Burton, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Elvin Jones, John Coltrane and many, many others but in a style all my own.

I'm very serious about music and I've dedicated my entire life to its exploration and creative aspects. Even when I stepped out and joined the fire/rescue service, it was for furthering my exploration in music.

I've had a ton of professional experience ranging from playing in the streets of Los Angeles to providing music for the most famous stars of Hollywood and conducting masterclasses at most of the top universities in the USA. 

In 2008, I moved on to explore fire/rescue and paramedic challenges. In 2015 thru 2020, I joined the Antarctic Fire and Search and Rescue and worked 9 seasons in McMurdo Station and the South Pole Antarctica. I performed many concerts on my days off for the scientists on an instrument I designed and built specifically for that purpose. I consider myself a uniquely, life-schooled individual. 

In 2020, I retired from fire rescue and returned to music performance, recording and writing. 

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