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Ancient Paper

John Mark Piper
aka "PIPER" 

Ancient Paper

I'm very serious about music and I've dedicated my entire life to exploring it. Even when I stepped out of that arena and joined the fire/rescue service, it was still aimed at furthering my exploration of music.

I've had a ton of professional experience ranging from playing in the streets of Los Angeles to providing music for the most famous stars of Hollywood. I've conducted masterclasses on vibraphone at most of the top universities in the USA and some abroad. 

I own the patent to the Musser/Piper vibraphone that helped move the instrument to higher ground.

In 2008, I joined professional services of fire/paramedic rescue and answered 911 emergencies in the north Dallas Metroplex until 2015.


In 2015 I joined the United States Antarctic Program and worked at the South Pole and McMurdo Station Antarctica with Antarctic Fire/rescue and the JOINT (USA and New Zealand) Search and Rescue Team. I worked 9 seasons in Antarctica over the course of 5 years (winters and summers). While there, I also performed many concerts for the great scientists and support staff on the only vibraphone ever to reach the South Pole and McMurdo Station. I designed and built that instrument specifically for Antarctica. I call it "The South Pole Vibe". I consider myself a uniquely, life-schooled individual. 

In 2020, I retired from fire rescue and returned to full time music performance, recording, writing and designing vibraphone frames. You can see videos of fun projects I dreamed up while on The Ice and followed through with when I got back in the USA. 

My dedication to the performance of music requires that I apply my heart and soul into every aspect on the highest innovative level I can reach. 

In 2024 I received an official diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder- level 1 formerly known as Aspergers Syndrome. This new knowledge of self answers so many "why" questions I've had since birth. I'm continuing to learn about it. I'm completely open to questions and discussions about it because it's a huge part of who I am and I'm proud that I survived it relatively in tact. 

At the strong encouragement of my Neuropsychologist and many friends, I’ve started writing my book of life experiences but through the lens of the unique perspective and challenges of being Autistic. 

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