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From the Vibraphone Project:


John Mark Piper

First and foremost John is an outstanding Vibraphonist! He has written many articles pertaining to music education, ear training, coordination and interviews in various trade magazines. Including "Shapes and Patterns of Music - Prologue". John was awarded three world-patents for the design and unique features of the PIPERvibe that he licensed to Musser/Ludwig from 1996 to 2016. He also created “Good Vibes” on his website that is designed to support music as an art form. Finally, John Piper is the only vibraphonist ever to reach the South Pole and perform at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.


This nominee shows incredible dedication to his instrument, while both performing and building. He has shown outstanding work, while helping people who have certain physical requirements that need met for their instrument.


John Mark Piper Is a remarkable vibraphone player and inventor. Piper is one of the few people that have further progressed the function and build of the vibraphone. He is the inventor of the M58 Musser vibraphone. Piper gives back to his community by spending “good vibes” through his donation program. He purchases, fixes, and customizes vibraphones for students in need at no cost to the student. Future proofing the instrument for generations to come.

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