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About John Mark Piper

Ancient Paper

Birth Name - John Mark Piper / Google Name - PIPERvibe  / Street Name - "PIPER" 



  • Early Music:

    • Berklee College of Music

      • Studied with Gary Burton, Alan Dawson, Gary Chaffee and many other great musicians.

    • Toured playing drum set in Pop Cover Bands

    • Las Vegas

      • Music Director for comedy review

    • Los Angeles

      • Played drum set in top 40 cover bands

      • Street Performer: Solo Vibraphone

    • PIPER Vibraphone:

      • Designed Musser/PIPER M58 Vibraphone

      • Awarded Three World Patents

    • Frame and Fortune:

    •  “Just A Step Away” (solo vibraphone CD)

    • Feature Guest Artist/Clinician/Master Classes at Colleges and Universities in the USA, Mexico, South America and Germany

  • Intermission - Music Hiatus

    • New Adventures  and Balance 

      • Joined the Fire/Rescue Service Dallas Fort Worth Metro

        • Worked as Firefighter/Paramedic Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex

      • Joined the Antarctic Fire/Rescue service.

        • Designed and built “South Pole Vibraphone” for Antarctica. It’s the only vibraphone to reach the South Pole and McMurdo Station Antarctica.

        • Spent 5 years on ice – South Pole, McMurdo Station Antarctica

        • Became a member of JSART (Antarctic Joint Search and Rescue Team consisting of members from USA and New Zealand in Antarctica)

    • Back to Music

      • Started “Where Good Vibes Resonate”

        • Working to improve the music arts industry

        • New Products for vibes and marimba

        • Shapes and Patterns of Music Revised Edition

        • Shapes and Patterns of Music Prologue

        • Goal of offering new frames for old bars and resonators

        • Create new audio/video recordings for body of work

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