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M55 Frame Upgrade: Before, After and Between

Here's a diary of a recent M55 Upgrade completed 5/23/2024

Features added:

  • PIPERvibe Gel Damper Pad

  • PIPERvibe Caster Kit: Four Medical Grade, smooth rolling, light weight, casters with locking brake and locking swivel for added stability and ease of movement.

  • PIPERvibe Mbraces for stability and reduction of frame noise and improved pedal action.

  • PIPERvibe Shock Absorbing Bar Mounts

    • Greatly improves bar tone, and overall quality of sound. Isolates each bar from the frame and eliminates the knocking sound caused by mallets striking the bars and traveling through the frame.

  • Replaced failing Pedal Rod with PIPERvibe Rescue Cord Kit

    • eliminates metal against metal noises, improves compactibility for gigging/travel and eliminates the stress and worry of metal to the pedal and expense of trying to replace it when it fails.

  • PIPERvibe Resonator Height Adjustment Kit d

    • Eliminates the common colliding of bars and resonator fans when playing hard or using heavy mallets but allows you to bring the resonators as close to the bars as possible. Easy to adjust and use that takes less than a minute to adjust.

  • Painting

    • Cleaning, sanding and amateur paint job.

      • Disclaimer: I'm not a professional when it comes to painting but when the job requires a little touch up or full on paint job, I can make it look way better than it did. Here are the...



After Video


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