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Donate Today and Get Good Vibes

In staying true to my mission statement (Good Vibes Resonate @, I'm developing a new concept aimed at those who love music and are not afraid to support it. Donate today and help me help gifted struggling musicians who need supplies such as books, mallets, lessons, upgrades or anything I offer.

Our current Good Vibes focus is for vibest Jen Martinez-Bre - learn more.

We Are Currently Sponsoring a Special Project for

Jen Martinez-Bre


"I, like everyone else generally does, want the freedom to express myself through a creative medium. After trying almost every artistic medium, I somehow stumbled on the vibraphone (and other mallet percussion instruments) - possibly the one non-wind/brass instrument that is socially acceptable to be played monophonically.


As a person with very little hand/finger strength and bimanual synkinesis, or mirrored hand movements, "proper" technique on most instruments is out of my reach. I can achieve a decent technique on the mallet instruments, of which my preferred instrument being the vibes due to its sound, relative portability and size [in relation to a typical marimba]. However, every vibraphone on the current and past market does not suit my short stature, requiring modifications to the height of whatever instrument I have at my disposal.


I've tried various makeshift modifications, in the form of rubber banding boxes to the pedal and/or creating or finding some sort of platform, since I could never afford modifying the actual instrument."

 We purchased a used M55 Musser Vibraphone that needs a lot of work but will be a GREAT instrument for her when finished.  After picking it up from Chicago, Piper will make the repairs, add PIPERvibe upgrades and customize the height as needed to be a perfect instrument for Jen.

We believe the entire project when finished will cost around $6,000.00