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Musser M55 Caster Upgrade

Vibraphone Project for M55 owners who would like to make repairs (upgrades) to their instrument - starting with CASTERS! $125.00 for a limited time.

For Casters, hardware and everything you need including the seminar on how to do it, is 125.00 plus shipping for a limited time. You will need to supply your own a hand drill.

Everyone who owns an M55 could use better casters on their instrument. The best casters I've found are used in the E.R. on medical carts. They are smooth, light weight and have locking brake and locking swivel for extra stability. I love them but they're very expensive (approximately 20.00 each if you purchase them yourself). HOWEVER, I found a way to purchase them from the factory if I buy a lot of them. That's where you come in.

I need a minimum of 8 people who need to upgrade the casters on their M55 to contact me and join the project. These brave souls will attend my live PIPERvibe seminar on VIBRAPHONICS to upgrade their Musser M55 casters. I'll supply casters and everything needed including instruction and all information necessary, four great medical casters, in a live instructional, step by step seminar that you can ask questions. We'll do each step together. I'll be there showing you how and answering questions if problems arise. It will be fun and very rewarding to spend an afternoon together online making your M55 substantially better! The only thing you'll have to supply yourself is your vibraphone and an electric hand drill. I'll also video the seminar if something comes up and you can't make the session but I'll always be available to help you through the process.

Before the seminar, you'll receive all hardware including stainless steel screws, aluminum mounting brackets, proper drill bit and epoxy filling (optional but recommended) and my personal coaching and instruction. We'll spend a day just having fun in the workshop. All you need to do is purchase the Caster Pack that I will put in my store. You'll be helping yourself and me by offsetting the cost of the casters.

I need eight people to commit to the project. No money exchanges hands until I have everything from the manufacturer and list the PIPERvibe Caster Upgrade Package in the store. We'll schedule the seminar for August or September. This will also help by having extra casters for other projects like vibe frames.

If there's interest, I'll put on a series of DIY upgrades seminars for your instruments.

Please send me a Private Message so I can put you on the list. I need 8 people to commit very quickly or I'll lose the opportunity for pricing for the casters. First 8 can get in for $125.00 each. This covers everything you need except a hand drill and a hacksaw if you want the instrument at the same height that it is. No money until time for the seminar. I just need a "show of hands".

Here is what you'd have to buy if you do it by yourself without my help. 1. Four medical casters with locking swivel and locking brake 92 bucks. 2. Poxy putty approximately 20 bucks. 3. Four Aluminum "L" brackets 60 bucks 4. Stainless Steel Screws 5. Eight M8 x 55mm stainless steel screws and lock nuts approximately 15 bucks.

Total on your own is approximately $175.00 if you can find everything you need and without the benefit of my experience of doing it.


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