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$800.00 raised to help GOOD VIBES RESONATE for Destin Ramos! COMPLETED 7/29/22

Here's Destin playing his customized M55 "The Tall Vibe for Destin".

PIPERvibe Good Vibes raised the money and remounted the instrument onto a frame that is the exact height Destin requested. The original vibe was an old M55 bars and resonators mounted on a steel marching frame with dilapidated damping/pedaling. Destin gave me the old frame that I converted into a metal saw table for my shop and we raised the additional funds to pay for a huge portion of the costs.

The following is the diary of events leading up to the completion.

WAKE UP - IT'S FEBRUARY 19, 2022 - IT'S MY BIRTHDAY and the beginning of the second PIPERvibe "Good Vibes" project. This one is to make a Tall Vibe for Destin Ramos.

Here's where you get updated status and contributors of the campaign to raise funds to help customize a vibe frame for Destin Ramos.

Destin is currently enrolled as a full-time Music education student at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio and plans to pursue a master’s degree in jazz studies on Vibraphone in the Fall of 2022.

Ramos brought a very used Musser M7055G to the PiperVibe Shop in search of a frame alternative to the bulky marching frame that specific model is made with. PIPERvibe update the instrument with PIPERvibe shock-absorbing bar mounts, PIPERvibe Gel Pad, Silent Pedal, M-braces and reduce the frame weight while raising the frame Height. Ramos has always had problems with the standard height of Musser vibraphones due to being 6’ 3” tall and the weight of the instrument while suffering from scoliosis.

Ramos will have a more portable, better looking, and sounding instrument after it leaves the PiperVibe Shop.

Estimated cost of the upgrade for Destin is $1,000.00. All current Good Vibes Donations will go toward the Tall Vibe for Destin. Please help me help Destin Ramos make "GOOD VIBES" resonate.

Thank you to the following people who contributed with GOOD VIBES donations:

Thank you!

Rebecca McDaniel

William Klymus

Ben Thomas

Michael Patterson

Wesley Stephens

Chris Stevens

Erik Lopez

Tim Morgenthaler

Russell Lane

Helen Witter

Charles Witter

Marion & Laura Ramos


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