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Ryan Bond is a Graduate student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He gives much of his time helping students at UNLV with percussion, academics, and wellbeing. Ryan also volunteers his time teaching percussion at multiple schools nearby. He is always renting instruments to teach or perform on; vibraphone being the one he rents the most. He is a hard-working student and a talented musician with a heart of gold. He has recently been published 4 times (including Percussive Notes, Rhythm! Scene, Not So Modern Drummer, and more on the way!). Ryan is the recipient of the GOOD VIBES Give Away, a 1976 Musser M55 donated to by Ken and Chris Hall. Keep up the good Work of spreading GOOD VIBES Ryan Bond.

Current as of 10/29/22

Estimated Cost of Repairs and upgrades: $1448.89

Money Raised: $1448.89



Another good vibes donation session has come to a close. No more donations will be accepted for the VOTING portion of GOOD VIBES PROJECT III.

The winning student will be properly announced soon.

Thank you SO MUCH Ken & Chris Hall!!!


Updated 10/15/2022

Estimated cost of repairs and upgrades: 1448.89

Current Goal: $1000.00

PIPERvibe costs so far for repairs:

Resonator fans and shaft from Musser : ($109.19 plus shipping)

4 Casters and mounting brackets: ($114.00)

High and Low end Musser Leg Frames (325.70)

Upgrades I'd like to add: ($900.00)

1. Shock Absorbing Bar Mounts ($300.00)

2. MBraces and Pedal upgrade (400.00)

4. PIPERvibe Gel Damper Pad ($200.00)


UPDATE: 9/11/2022

M55 GOOD VIBES GIVE-AWAY is now on the front burner. I'm starting work on the instrument that Ken Hall Donated for the Good Vibes Give Away. I am asking for your help to accomplish it. There are 15 student candidates nominated to receive the Musser M55. Everyone who helps pay for the repairs and upgrades through Good Vibes Donations will vote to choose the candidate.

Here’s what I’ll have to do to get the instrument ready: 1. The legs have to be replaced or repaired. I have a couple options for accomplishing this. I can build new legs using aluminum profiles or I can replace the legs with new ones (both are expensive) estimated cost for this is between $300.00 and $500.00. 2. New casters and caster mounts will have to be added. Approximately $150.00 3. Bar Mounts will be upgraded to the PIPERvibe Shock Absorbing Bar mounts. This is a huge improvement, especially on older instruments like this one. $300.00 4. Resonators have to be either tuned or fans purchased and installed. The fans were removed years ago and are no longer with the instrument. This dramatically changes the resonator quality and takes the tubes WAY out of tune.

5. Add Mbraces for stability. This may include a new pedal but I’m still undecided on this due to the added cost.

Thank you Ken Hall* for donating this fantastic Musser M55

Thank you to the following for your Good Vibes donations that helped pay fuel to transport the instrument back to my shop.

  1. Ben Thomas

  2. Alan Zimmerman *

  3. Steve Weiss Music*

Thank you to the following for donating to help pay for repairs and upgrades. I will updated this list every time a donation is made.

1. Jason O'brien

2. Russell Lane

3. Bob Levey (Wood Working contribution of bubinga plaque (wait for it)

4. Kurt Schleunes

5. Dean Friedman

6. John Minichiello

7. Brett Reed

8. Angelica Delgado

9. Andrew Naughton

10. Yupeng Wei

11. Barry K

12. Paul Heckel

13. Logan Barrow

14. Kevin Johnson

15. Destin Ramos

16. Pam Hess

15. Alan Zimmerman

16. Tim Morgenthaler

17. Matthew George

18. Sue O'Brien

"GOOD VIBES" is a feeling you experience when you do good things.

The instruments needs a lot of work that I will do before the student receives the instrument.

1. The resonators need to be tuned and/or repaired

2. The legs need to be replaced

3. Needs a new damper pad

4. I'd like to replace the bar mounts with Shock-absorging bar mounts

5. Replace the pedal

6. Needs new casters

*The bars are quite exceptional.

*The resonators are in great shape but need to be tuned because the fans have been removed *and it wasn't tuned to accommodate their removal so the resonators are very weak.

*The instrument does not have a motor or fans.

We are now asking for GOOD VIBES DONATIONS to help pay for the repairs and upgrades.

Everyone who donates will be added to the list of contributors and will help choose the recipient from the list of candidates nominated to receive the instrument when it's finished.

Spreading the word to friends and colleagues is up to you. Please do so.

February 2023 Update:

A LOT of work went into this instrument. Thank you to all Ken and Chris Hall for the instrument and all the donors for their contributions to help me pay for all the repairs and upgrades! I'll post a thorough description of all the repairs and a video soon. Here's a photo of the completed instrument.


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