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Good Vibes Sponsorship Program

I want everyone who needs anything I can provide to have it. If you can't afford it, I will do my best to help you find support to purchase it. In staying true to my mission statement (Good Vibes Resonate @, I've developed a new concept aimed at music listeners who love music and are not afraid to support it. The sponsorship program is provided to help musicians who need/want supplies from my store to reduce the cost of their purchase. 

We are currently sponsoring a special project for Jen Martinez-Bre - learn more.


Sponsor a Musician

You know what the world needs more of?

Beautiful music, realized dreams and good vibes. 


Help make a difference and make a donation today to a struggling musician that is in need. 

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We Are Currently Sponsoring a Special Project for

Jen Martinez-Bre


"I, like everyone else generally does, want the freedom to express myself through a creative medium. After trying almost every artistic medium, I somehow stumbled on the vibraphone (and other mallet percussion instruments) - possibly the one non-wind/brass instrument that is socially acceptable to be played monophonically.


As a person with very little hand/finger strength and bimanual synkinesis, or mirrored hand movements, "proper" technique on most instruments is out of my reach. I can achieve a decent technique on the mallet instruments, of which my preferred instrument being the vibes due to its sound, relative portability and size [in relation to a typical marimba]. However, every vibraphone on the current and past market does not suit my short stature, requiring modifications to the height of whatever instrument I have at my disposal.


I've tried various makeshift modifications, in the form of rubber banding boxes to the pedal and/or creating or finding some sort of platform, since I could never afford modifying the actual instrument."

 We purchased a used M55 Musser Vibraphone that needs a lot of work but will be a GREAT instrument for her when finished.  After picking it up from Chicago, Piper will make the repairs, add PIPERvibe upgrades and customize the height as needed to be a perfect instrument for Jen.

We believe the entire project when finished will cost around $6,000.00