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The Hobo Scientist is collecting donations to help fund research to answer the following question AND in the process someone can  SAVE $600.00 or more on a NEW set of Musser A440 BARS!!!


I have a theory ..... I've played many different sets of Musser (and other brand) bars throughout my life. I'm perfectly happy with the ones I've played of Musser's that are considered vintage or recent. I believe that there might be very little actual difference (if any) in the sound of the bars Musser produces today as apposed to the bars they produced 20, 30 or more years ago IF you compare A440 from then to A440 now, on the same frame and resonators. So.... I'd like to borrow a new or recent set of Musser A440 bars and do a comparison between my old set of A440 bars (from around 1970's or earlier) and a new set of A440 bars.


I'll make the comparison on the same instrument frame (mine), same resonators, same room, same mallets, same temperature, same barometric pressure, same recording set up, same mallets, same song, same player (me) to either dispel the myth or prove there's a substantial difference. I'll then put up a "blind fold" test for you to participate in. I'll play one with the screen blacked out, and then reveal which set it was OLD set or NEW set.


Then I'll do a comparison between A440 bars and A442 Bars also on the same instrument, same room, same day and so on along with a blindfold test at the end. I'd also like to open it up to invite curious folks like you to make a contribution to add to the 200 bucks I'm starting it out with. So, you can be the person who orders the set and make a great savings, or you can sweeten the pot by adding a contribution. I need someone who would like to purchase a new set of Musser M55, A440 bars to contact me. I'll put in 200 bucks toward YOUR purchase of a new set of bars.


Let's find out!!!I'll open the Hobo on my website to accept donations for this great search for truth. 


Contributors so far: Alan Zimmerman, Steve Yeager and John Piper


The Hobo Scientist

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