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Includes everything you need to install and use the PIPERvibe gel pad.

Orders OUTSIDE Contiguous United States must contact PIPERvibe directly to order. 


Purchare by December 1 and GET A FREE FULL SET OF 90 BAR POST INSULATORS while supplies last. 


Additional Informtion: I've learned recently that the PIPERvibe Gel Pad sticks more permenantly on damper rails that are NOT annodized (raw aluminum). On my instruments, the damper rail is annodized and the gel pad can still be easily removed and put back on after even several months and maybe years because annodized aluminum is less porous. After seeing instruments that I've placed the gel pad on damper rails that are not annodized, I learned that the gel pad adheres to the rail more and is a more difficult to remove and will cause tearing to the the damper pad over time.. I'm mounting a new gel pad to a spray painted aluminum rail from an M55 to see how the pad responds to that and of course report back here on the results.




PIPERvibe Gel Pad

$250.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
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