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What's Ahead

The new PIPERvibe site is always growing so please check back often while we move forward with our mission statement....

Good Vibes Resonate @

One of the newest features is the store where you can now purchase Shock Absorbing Bar Mounts, Cotton String, Rubber (latex) Bar Post Insulator Replacements, MBrace and Pedal Upgrades, John Piper Signature Mallets, T-shirts, the all new PIPERvibe Gel Damper Pad and GOOD VIBES for music supporters!

Renaissance Man? Perhaps. I wear many hats but the one that is most important to me is that of making music. Soon there will be new video and audio recordings, practice material, arrangements and more added to the artist category.

Good Vibes Resonate @

I want everyone who wants anything I can provide to have it. If you can't afford it, I will do my best to help you find the support you need to purchase it. In staying true to my mission statement "Good Vibes Resonate @ " everyone who loves music and are not afraid to support it are encouraged to help! YOU can now purchase "Good Vibes from in the form of donations to help gifted musicians who need the supplies I offer such as books, mallets, lessons, vibraphone, upgrades, repairs to help offset the cost of their purchase. So, please buy some Good Vibes from the store and help them out! We'll be announcing two young artists in the next few days who we are helping.

One young person from Miami needs an entire M55 vibraphone customized to a lower playing position so she doesn't have to stand on books to practice and play gigs. Another needs his marching field instrument that he purchased used customized onto proper legs for his tall size. Both instruments will have complete PIPERvibe upgrades. Both musicians will receive Good Vibes support from your donations.

The road less traveled:

As you know, I took a long hiatus from the professional music scene and worked in the Fire/Rescue business for over 13 years. Now I’m back full-time, re-energized, pumped up to contribute and explore the art of music again.

All my life, I focused on music but about 15 years ago, the desire to test myself in other areas grew. I always wondered if I could pass the fire academy. I put myself through and did very well and for years, I worked as a professional firefighter/paramedic in the Dallas Metroplex answering all types of 911 emergencies. To go the next step, I spent five years working at McMurdo Station and The South Pole, Antarctica including three years at the rank of Lieutenant Firefighter/Paramedic. In addition, I was lucky to serve as paramedic with Antarctic Search and Rescue and Antarctica JSART (Joint Search And Rescue Team made up of USA and New Zealand Search And Rescue members). I have a lot of stories to tell.

The vibraphone's Expedition to the South Pole:

After my first deployment to Antarctica in 2015, I built my South Pole Vibe. It is the only vibraphone ever to reach McMurdo Station and the South Pole Antarctica. I performed many concerts for the best scientists in the world at the South Pole. No other vibraphonist can say that! I consider my unique experiences to be well worth the struggle. I believe those unique experiences added to my life which in turn contribute to my musical expressions. So, I think of the vibraphone's trip to the South Pole as my own personal 5 year expedition.

Please keep in touch. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need something for your vibraphone or you have questions or problems with your instrument, music or playing. I'll do my very best to have answers and options for you.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you and playing for you soon.

John Piper


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