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Helping Artists

People often say they couldn’t live without music but when it comes time to pay for it or expect them to go out of their way to experience it live, or support it, they often forget that they "couldn't live without it". Music is free everywhere now. Everyone is involved in the music business and you can break it down to two main categories of division; the giver and the taker.

The giver is the musician who has to pay for everything they do. The receiver is the only part of the music business where music is free. I’d like the listener to pay part of their fair share and I believe that if given an opportunity, honorable lovers of music will help out. That’s what I’m trying to show with my “Good Vibes” campaign to help Jen get a proper vibraphone to play. I want it to be partially paid for by people who love music and understand that music is important on all levels - even the level they may not listen to or like themselves.

Not all musicians are good enough to play something everyone wants to pay for but they are still an important part of what makes music what it is. So, I believe that in a small way, musicians can get some of their needs met by people who just truly love music. The lovers of music just need to be educated more about what goes into making music and the importance of a musician who is not a superstar but is part of the equation that helps make superstars.

At PIPERvibe, I sell “Good Vibes” to help musicians get what they need from our store. There are vibraphone accessories, upgrades, and soon there will be new recordings, video lessons that musicians will want to learn from but someone must pay for it.

If I can get the music loving public to recognize that they are part of the music business, I believe some will help support it just because it's the right thing to do.

For instance, if I sell an upgrade or repair that costs $100.00 to make and I sell it for $200.00 so it’s worth it to me to make it for others, it’s expensive for a vibes player to come up with the money to buy it from me. If I get contributions though the sale of “Good Vibes” to help offset that by 100.00, it helps the musician out a lot. The donator gets “Good Vibes” by helping music, I get 100.00 for my time and the musician saves 100.00. It just spreads out the cost of making music among EVERYONE in the music business instead of just the givers.

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